Paragon Design | Build is a custom home builder, developer, and design services firm that has been serving customers throughout Winnipeg for over a decade. With extensive experience in building custom-designed homes, investments, and re-purposing existing urban space, Paragon has established itself as a standard of design build excellence.  If you are planning to undertake the project of building a new home or thinking about purchasing an investment property, the Paragon team is your choice.

In 2008 Paragon Design | Build was founded and later formed a strategic partnership with a master builder. Paragon then designed and built a collection of luxury homes in the South End of Winnipeg. In 2011, when the Winnipeg Jets returned to the city, several players, coaches, and executives were housed by Paragon’s luxury portfolio. Paragon continues to facilitate housing needs for the Winnipeg Jets.

The Paragon Design | Build team designs, manages, and builds over 50 custom homes, infill homes, and multi-family projects each year.